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With the controlled nature of cleanrooms, particle pollution is a very big deal. The threat contained in even very low amounts of suspended micro dust particles means that thorough hygiene regiments must be maintained.

The Cleanroom range of vacuum cleaners from Delfin more than meet these requirements; with extensive testing certifying their compatibility for use in cleanrooms of ISO4 or higher (according to ISO14644), ensuring rigorous environmental hygiene. Thanks to HEPA filters with multiple levels of filtration, a maximum cleanliness of the outgoing air is assured.

With both 304 and 316 stainless steel construction, both the dry and wet & dry cleanroom vacuums can be autoclavable and allow for easy sanitisation - with no dirt traps - and absolute filtration.

Teknomek are proud to be an official UK partner of Delfin and are pleased to announce the inclusion of Delfin cleanroom vacuum cleaners to its product offering.

If you would like to discuss integrating Delfin into your workflow, please contact the Customer Service Team.

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