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We worship a God of miracles who answers our prayers in incredible ways.  When we ask Him for specifics with fervent faith, something wonderful WILL ALWAYS happen! It may not be exactly what or when we imagine, but our powerful spiritual exertion opens the door to miracles that He sends to us individually, as a Child of the Most High God…

Miraculous Words Lifted Off the Page

Sherry Simister had a major fall and was required to spend several weeks in a hospital bed lying flat on her back to recuperate. She was not even allowed to lift her head. One day as she was lying there, she had a tremendous yearning for spiritual direction, and felt she could get answers from the scriptures. She asked a nurse to place the Book of Mormon on her chest. She writes,

“One day wracked with severe pain, and fearing I would never walk again, I fervently prayed to Heavenly Father to please “open” the scriptures to my mind so that I may hear His counsel. I could not lift my head as I opened them up, but suddenly ABOVE the scriptures Heavenly Father shared his message to me. The words rose off the page, – they were in red, – they were words of comfort and assurance that I would walk again and take care of my family!

“When I was finally allowed to lift my head, I searched for the scriptures that he had shown me, and they were not in one place, but were scriptures taken from various chapters. When I realized that, I was in awe that Heavenly Father loved me enough to give me the words I needed to recover.”[i]

Sherry discovered for herself the marvelous and loving power of the Lord.  He is a God of miracles and works according to our faith and asking…[ii]

Finding a Phone in the Lake at Night

My dear friend Dee related a recent miraculous event.  She and her husband Rhen had been at a lake enjoying jet skiing with family most of the day.  After a couple of hours of traveling home, Rhen realized he didn’t have his phone.  He felt it was critical to locate it because it also had important documents with it, so they headed back to the place they had been.  They arrived around midnight and found several young adults in that exact spot night fishing.  They combed that area of the beach and even employed the help of the young adults, but after careful searching no one found anything.

Rhen borrowed Dee’s flip-flops to go into the water.  It was night and the water was murky so he couldn’t see anything and had to comb the water with his hands.  He and Dee were fervently praying for a miracle to find this phone.  At some point, Rhen got the impression that he needed to take off the flip-flops. After a minute or two he felt something smooth under his foot, and there it was! – under 3 feet of water, and 25 feet from shore. What an impossible feat! The second half of the miracle was that the phone still worked even after being in the water for several hours.   

Dee and Rhen KNOW they experienced a miracle that they set in motion with their prayers of faith.[iii]  Faith is a powerful force that ignites miracles…

A Serious Oil Leak Stopped

Ronald Frye shared a stunning experience where laws of science were superseded during a 1000-mile motorcycle trip.  He wrote,

“I had a miraculous experience that bears out the truthfulness of the scripture. ‘I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise.’ [iv] When I took up motorcycle riding late in life, I promised the Lord to keep the Sabbath day holy by not participating in any club rides on the Sabbath, and limited my participation to weekdays and Saturdays only. One of those rides took me from my home to Manning Park in British Columbia, a distance of 1019 miles.

“At the end of the event, wanting to keep the Sabbath Day holy, I decided to not travel

home with the rest of my motorcycle club. Sunday was spent in fervent prayer, asking the Lord that somehow the bike would be able to get me home safely. You see, the motorcycle had developed a very serious oil leak. It would have been safer and more prudent for me to travel with the club, but I was determined to keep my promise to the Lord by not traveling by motorcycle on the Sabbath day.

“On Monday, when I got up to start the trip home, to my horror I discovered that during the night there had been freezing rain and snow, which in addition to the oil that streamed from the top of the engine and blew onto the back tire and wheel, made it even more dangerous to attempt the ride home.

“I prayed fervently every moment of that trip. The engine held three quarts of oil and I feared it wouldn’t even make it a hundred miles to the first gas stop, so severe was the leak, but somehow it did.

“At each 100 mile gas stop, I would check the oil level in the engine’s oil level site glass and it always read ‘Full.’ And so it was, all the way home, over a thousand miles. Even upon arrival, the oil level still read, ‘Full.’

“At home, a few days later, I checked the oil level again before heading to the

motorcycle shop for repairs. As always, the oil level read ‘Full.’ The Lord had got me

home safely, but now the miracle was over. The trip to the shop was no different than it

had been all the way home from Canada, the oil streaming from the broken engine seal at the same rate, no more, no less. Arriving at the shop and parking the bike, as always a

very large pool of oil formed on the ground beneath the engine. The technician

exclaimed, ‘You won’t get far with a leak like that!’ Indeed, in just the 25 miles from my

home to the shop, the bike had lost over one quart of it’s 3 quart capacity. Yet, it had

made it over 1,000 miles home from Canada under the same conditions, without having to add a single drop of oil, a testament to me, that God answered my prayers in the most convincing, and astonishing way![v]

Because of his continuous prayers of faith, God gave Ronald a miracle.  He will do the same for us…

“Rachel Ann Horner had a spectacular experience shortly after her husband died.  She writes,

“I lost my truck driver husband after 31 years of marriage. We were long haul truck drivers over ten years. I lost him in Carlsbad, CA four hours after he had an aneurism. So I lost my husband and my job in a matter of four hours. I couldn’t get in a rig with another driver.

“I closed up my house and headed east to see family, then west to Calif.  I looked up Erline, an old friend in Sacramento from high school that I had lost contact with.

I went to Testimony Meeting with her (even though I wasn’t a member).

“As I was listening to a Ward missionary bear his testimony, I had a strange thing happen.  I watched in amazement as white light with gold edges about 2 inches wide start on the left side and just like a finger drawing an outline…I watched in amazement as it outlined his body. After RS I went up to the young man and described what I saw.

“He thanked me profusely, confessing that he had been praying for an answer to a prayer, and that God had answered this prayer through my experience. Wow!

“Also, because of this experience I asked a lot of questions about the Church and I was baptized 2 months later, convinced that it was true!  This confirmed to me that God answers our prayers.”[vi]

President Russell M. Nelson has counseled us to “SEEK and EXPECT MIRACLES” in our lives.[vii]  When we need help from the Lord, he councils us to ask for the help we need, and then exert our faith, expecting a miracle to occur.

This final account demonstrates this very point…

Rex Lowe wrote to me about a profoundly touching set of miracles that was orchestrated to change his entire life.  He said,

“After seven years of a bumpy marriage, my wife Pat and I divorced. One Saturday I picked up our children to enjoy a day at the beach. As Pat brought them to the car, she saw my girlfriend sitting in what had been her seat next to me at the front. She ran back to the house as fast as she could, tears streaming down her face, closed the front door and collapsed onto her knees in an absolute frenzy of desperation, calling out to God “Oh God, I can’t take this any longer, I need thee, I need thee – please, please come & help me…….I need thee now, not tomorrow or tonight – NOW, please, I don’t know what will happen to me………!!!

“Unbeknownst to her, two young men dressed in white shirts black pants and a bag hanging over the shoulders, were going from house to house, telling people they were missionaries and inviting them to hear a message from God As they left yet another house, with an abrupt “No thanks” ringing in their ears, and turned into the street, one of them stopped and turning to his companion said, ‘Hey Elder this isn’t working, let’s walk down to the station and catch a train home.’

“As they walked along, they came to a corner in the road at which he stopped and said ‘Let’s go down here!’ ‘But the station is down that way’ objected the other. ‘Well I don’t know why, but somehow I feel we have to go this way’, ‘Oh Ok’. And so they went on down that road. After a while one of them said, ‘This is the gate we must go in!’

“They knocked on the front door. Pat was kneeling behind the door and looked up, with a new calm feeling in her heart ‘This is it!’

“Wiping the tears away, opening the door and there were two young men.  One stepped forward and introduced them saying ‘Hello Ma’am, we’ve come to you with a message from God !’ ‘Yes, I know you have!’ she said, ‘I’ve been waiting for you, come in!’

“When I brought the children home, she asked me to come in for a moment, and in excitement told me what happened, ‘They would like to meet you and want you to come to the house on Wednesday at 6. Oh please come!’ “Did you say they were Mormons” I asked “I’ve met them before, they used to come to our house when I was at school. ” My heart was softened as I remembered how my parents and I used to enjoy their visits. “Ok I’ll come on Wednesday!”…

“And so we began the road back to sanity, a Happy Life, Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism, remarriage, and the crowning blessing of being sealed together with our children in the Holy Temple for all Time & All Eternity!”[viii]

Yes, we DO worship a God of miracles who answers our prayers in incredible ways.  When we ask Him for specifics in fervent faith, something wonderful will always happen, because faith is never wasted! We may not get exactly what we ask for, but we will surely get the exact thing we need. 

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